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Grace Barretto-Tesoro, Fredeliza Campos & Anna Pinedaespañol
Abstract. Research in Batangas started in the early 20th century and focused in the southwestern part of the province. The eastern part of Batangas due to research agenda was generally overlooked. To examine what the potential of this area, archaeological explorations were conducted in the municipalities of San Juan, Lobo, Taysan, and Padre Garcia. The team recorded 20 burial and settlement sites and some of these yielded datable materials belonging to the Developed Metal Age (100-400 AD), 15th century, and late 1800s. These new sites and dates will bring new perspectives on the archaeological history of Batangas.
Keywords: archaeology, survey, new sites, new dates, Batangas.
Grace Barretto-Tesoro ( is an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines-Archaeological Studies Program (UP-ASP). She is interested in the mortuary practices and cosmologies of the early Filipinos from the late prehistory to the early Spanish period. Her research interests include identity, status, gender, sex, and pottery among others.
Fredeliza Campos and Anna Pineda are graduate students of the UP-ASP and currently writing their dissertations. Campos is interested in ancient fishing techniques while Pineda is investigating the potential of coprolite studies in the Philippines.
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Barretto-Tesoro, G., F. Campos & A. Pineda. 2009. New Sites in Southeastern Batangas, Philippines. Report on the Survey Conducted by the UP-Archaeological Studies Program in 2008. Arqueología Iberoamericana 4: 25-48.
Publication date: 21-12-2009.
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