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Las prácticas mortuorias en el humedal del Paraná inferior
Mortuary practices in the wetland of the lower Paraná
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Bárbara Mazza & Daniel Loponteespañol
Abstract. In this paper we present a synthesis of mortuary practices of aboriginal groups who inhabited the final stretch of the La Plata basin during the late Holocene. This record has been analyzed with regard to two central aspects: general tendencies of burial behaviors and their variability related to the geomorphological units of the landscape. The analysis has allowed us to identify the tendency to use formal disposal areas, an extended practice of secondary burials, a preference for East-West orientation of primary burials, and a clearly differentiated mortuary treatment based on sex and age of individuals. At the same time, an increased presence of secondary burials has been observed in units of the landscape where greater fragmentation exists, mainly in the higher and lower Delta islands.
Keywords: Lower Paraná wetland, death-related behavior, primary and secondary burials, regional mortuary analysis, variability in sex and age categories.
Mazza, B. & D. Loponte. 2012. Las prácticas mortuorias en el humedal del Paraná inferior. Arqueología Iberoamericana 13: 3-21.
Publication date: 31-3-2012. Google Scholar.
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