Plant Micro-remains in Crops of the First Millennium AD in the Tafi Valley, Tucuman Province, Argentina
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Valeria Franco Salvi, María Laura López & Rocío María Molar • español
Abstract. This paper focuses on the study of plant resource use during the first millennium AD in the northern sector of the Tafi Valley through the identification of micro-remains in the archaeological sediments. The results are integrated with the architectural features and location of agricultural structures. The combination of multiple lines of evidence allows for the recognition of the function of these structures and cultivated plant resources.
Keywords: Crops, Micro-remains, First Millennium AD, Tafi Valley.
Franco Salvi, V., M. L. López & R. M. Molar. 2014. Microrrestos vegetales en campos de cultivo del primer milenio de la Era en el valle de Tafí (prov. de Tucumán, República Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 21: 5-22.
Publication date: 24 January 2014.
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