Pedra do Cantagalo I: A Synthesis of the Archaeological Researches
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Luis Carlos Duarte Cavalcante, Andrews Araújo Rodrigues, Elnathan Nícolas Lima da Costa, Heralda Kelis Sousa Bezerra da Silva, Pablo Roggers Amaral Rodrigues,
Petherson Farias de Oliveira, Yana Raquel Viana Alves & José Domingos Fabris • português
Abstract. This paper presents a brief review of the archaeological research conducted at the Pedra do Cantagalo I site, a prehistoric heritage site located in the rural area of the municipality of Piripiri, Piauí State, Brazil. The sandstone shelter revealed an exceptional collection of more than 1,900 rock paintings, rock engravings, chipped lithics, polished lithics, ceramic materials and mineral pigments (reddish ochres). The rock paintings consist of geometric graphisms, human handprints, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic motifs, painted in yellow, black, gray, white, orangish and in different tonalities of red.
Keywords: Rock painting, Rock engraving, Lithic, Ceramic, Archaeological heritage.
Duarte Cavalcante, L. C., A. Araújo Rodrigues, E. Nícolas Lima da Costa, H. K. Sousa Bezerra da Silva, P. R. Amaral Rodrigues, P. Farias de Oliveira, Y. R. Viana Alves & J. Domingos Fabris. 2014. Pedra do Cantagalo I: uma síntese das pesquisas arqueológicas. Arqueología Iberoamericana 23: 45-60. PURL:
Publication date: 24 September 2014.

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