Grave T7, El Caño Necropolis, Gran Coclé Archaeological Tradition, Isthmus of Panama
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Julia Mayo Torné, Carlos Mayo Torné, Mercedes Guinea Bueno,
Miguel Ángel Hervás Herrera, Jesús Herrerín López • español
Abstract. Recent excavations of Grave T7 at El Caño—radiocarbon date 770–905 cal AD (1180–1045 cal BP)/920–965 cal AD (1030–985 cal BP)—have revealed a multiple-individual burial containing 43 individuals of different social statuses, ages and sexes, a bundle of human bones, and post-burial ritual deposits. While multiple-individual burials and post-burial ritual deposits have both been observed in other tombs at El Caño, their presence in Grave T7 has helped to identify and refine the fundamental burial pattern at the site. The elite attire of one of the infants buried in T7 may provide evidence of inherited social status.
Keywords: Funerary patterns, Ritual deaths, Gran Coclé, Multiple burials, Infant burials, Funerary rituals, Pre-Columbian Panama.
Mayo Torné, J., C. Mayo Torné, M. Guinea Bueno, M. A. Hervás Herrera, J. Herrerín López. 2016.
La tumba T7 de la necrópolis de El Caño, tradición arqueológica Gran Coclé, istmo de Panamá. Arqueología Iberoamericana 30: 30-43. URL:
Publication date: 15 May 2016.
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