The Roman Villa of El Saucedo, Talavera la Nueva, Toledo: Archaeometric Analysis of the Tessellae from the Mosaic Pavements of a Convivial Space
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Raquel Castelo, Inmaculada Donate, Ana María López,
María Cruz Medina, Ana Isabel Pardo • español
Abstract. We present an archaeometric study of a group of tessellae from the floor mosaics of the Villa de Saucedo’s convivial space (a room with place for 27 guests). Data provided by X-ray diffraction and microscopic examination revealed the mineralogical composition of the tessellae and therefore allowed some hypotheses regarding their petrographic identification. The data suggest the use of different kinds of rocks (quartzarenites, quartzites and calcareous marbles), which allowed for a broad color palette.
Keywords: Late Roman villa, Tessellae, Archaeometric analysis, X-ray diffraction.
Castelo, R., I. Donate, A. M. López, M. C. Medina, A. I. Pardo. 2016.
Villa romana de El Saucedo (Talavera la Nueva, Toledo). Análisis arqueométrico de las teselas procedentes de los pavimentos musivarios del espacio convivial. Arqueología Iberoamericana 31: 3-8.
Publication date: July 7, 2016.
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