Golden Fishes. A Preliminary Report on Recent Discoveries about the Phoenician and Punic Necropolis of Gadir (Cadiz, Spain)
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Ricardo Belizón Aragón, Antonio M. Sáez Romero • español
Abstract. The Phoenician and Punic necropolis of Gadir is one of the most excavated in the Western Mediterranean, but many of the features and the development of the site are still waiting for a more solid archaeological foundation. Recent salvage excavations carried out in Cadiz have uncovered some exceptionally well-preserved funerary remains, including intact grave goods dating to the 6th–5th centuries BC. This paper focuses on the preliminary results of these excavations, the analysis of the Phoenician and Punic tombs, as well as the connections between the luxurious necropolis of the 5th century and the local elites involved in the maritime long-distance trade of salt-fish products.
Keywords: Gadir, Cadiz, Phoenician, Punic, Salted-fish, Trade, Corinth.
Belizón Aragón, R., A. M. Sáez Romero. 2016.
Peces Dorados. Un avance sobre recientes descubrimientos en la necrópolis fenicia y púnica de Gadir (Cádiz, España). Arqueología Iberoamericana 32: 3-10.
Publication date: October 31, 2016.
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