Size Change of Calcareous Exoskeletons of Molluscs during the Late Holocene: Archaeomalacology of Shell Middens on the Northern Coast of Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina
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Heidi Hammond, Leandro Zilio • español
Abstract. On the northern coast of Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina, shell middens form part of the archaeological evidence for hunter-gatherer occupation. We performed biometric studies on calcareous exoskeletons of molluscs recovered in shell middens in order to evaluate the existence of a trend or pattern of size change over time. The results allowed us to recognize a reduction in size change over the course of the late Holocene. We discuss the paleoenvironmental, ecological and/or cultural implications of these findings. Finally, we relate the discussion to the dynamics of human occupation and resource use.
Keywords: Biometric studies, Molluscs, Calcareous exoskeletons, Shell middens, Patagonia.
Hammond, H., L. Zilio. 2016.
Cambios en el tamaño de exoesqueletos calcáreos de moluscos durante el Holoceno tardío: arqueomalacología de concheros en la costa norte de Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina.
Arqueología Iberoamericana 32: 17-24.
Publication date: November 17, 2016.
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