Decorated Phalanges of Lama sp. in a Border Site of the Parana River Floodplain (Santa Fe, Argentina)
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Julieta Sartori • español
Abstract. In this paper, I present the discovery of several decorated phalanges of Lama sp. recovered in the Rio Salado Coronda II (RSCII) site, which is located at the border of the Parana River floodplain (province of Santa Fe, Argentina). This zone is characterized by the high biodiversity of taxa adapted to the fluvial environment offered by the river plain, although Lama sp. is not a typical species of the surroundings of the site. The phalanges of animals with engraving are considered as ornamentals and their discoveries are uncommon in the archaeological contexts. Currently, beside this case, there is only one registered specimen discovered in Argentina. In order to analyze this material, we propose a comprehensive study in the regional context of hunter-gatherers of the Late Holocene.
Keywords: Decorated phalanges, Parana river middle basin, Lama sp., hunter-gatherers.
Sartori, J. 2016.
Falanges decoradas de Lama sp. en un sitio del borde de la llanura aluvial del río Paraná (Santa Fe, Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 32: 25-29. URL: PURL:
Publication date: November 22, 2016.
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