Archaeological Monuments of the Guaquitepec-Sitalá Area, Chiapas, Mexico: Available Data and New Interpretations
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Alejandro Sheseña • español
Abstract. This article is devoted to the study of a group of archaeological monuments located in the region around Guaquitepec and Sitalá in the north of Chiapas, Mexico, a region little served by scholars of Maya culture. In light of current research available on the history of the ancient Maya in the region, this article proposes that these monuments are evidence of an important confluence of communication routes that were widely used in antiquity by the surrounding political entities.
Keywords: Epigraphy, Archaeology, Northern Chiapas, Toniná, Pre-Hispanic roads.
Sheseña, A. 2017.
Monumentos arqueológicos del área de Guaquitepec-Sitalá, Chiapas, México: datos disponibles y nuevas interpretaciones. Arqueología Iberoamericana 34: 68-76.
Publication date: June 23, 2017.
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