Raw Materials, Context, and Provenance of Necklace Beads at Alamito Sites (Andalgalá Department, Catamarca)
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María Soledad Gianfrancisco
Abstract. This paper presents the results of physical and chemical analyses carried out on a set of ornamental goods from Alamito sites. The identification of allochthonous material used for their manufacture and the absence of substantial elements that would indicate local production allow us to put forward the hypothesis that these ornamental goods were acquired through trade, like many other products that circulated through the interregional flow of goods in the macro-regional context of the southern Andes.
Keywords: Exchange, Necklace beads, Alamito.
Gianfrancisco, M. S. 2017.
Materias primas, contexto y procedencia de cuentas de collar en los sitios Alamito (Depto. Andalgalá, Catamarca). Arqueología Iberoamericana 36: 10-22.
Publication date: October 24, 2017.
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