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Roman Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsula in the Treatise De Varia Commensuracion by Juan de Arfe

José Luis Crespo Fajardo

Arqueol. Iberoam.

Reviewing studies on the artistic theory of Juan de Arfe y Villafañe, there is a notable absence of research concerning the archaeological information that this goldsmith and scholar of the sixteenth century offers at the beginning of the Book IV of his work De Varia Commensuracion para la Sculptura y Architectura (Seville, 1585–7). This article examines data on the archaeological sites of the Iberian Peninsula that Arfe briefly mentions, and delves into that which underlies his notes. It clarifies questions related to the Roman remains that Arfe informs us of, many of which he might have seen in person. This article also underlines the role of Arfe as a historian in a political context in which the recovery of the historical past was highly valued.

Archaeology; Spain; History; Juan de Arfe; Rome.

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Crespo Fajardo, J. L. 2018. Arqueología romana de la península ibérica en el tratado De Varia Commensuracion de Juan de Arfe. Arqueología Iberoamericana 38: 32-42.

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Publication date: May 5, 2018.

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