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Notes on the Discovery of a New Discoid Stela in La Sequera de Haza (Burgos, Spain)

Francisco Reyes Téllez, Luis Alberto Polo Romero, Diana Morales Manzanares

Arqueol. Iberoam.

Discoid stelae constitute a powerful focus of interest within the Archeology of Death. This is because they represent an element of undoubted decorative, allegorical and referential character. However, the fact that they appear, in most cases, outside their original context has been detracting from them. This paper presents the study of a discoid stela located “in situ” that allows us to relate the place of origin of others reinstalled in structures of the same municipality, which permits us to identify their original location and to establish a reliable chronology for them.

Medieval archaeology; discoid stelae; Archaeology of Death.

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Reyes Téllez, F., L. A. Polo Romero, D. Morales Manzanares. 2019.
Apuntes sobre el descubrimiento de una nueva estela discoidea en La Sequera de Haza (Burgos, España). Arqueología Iberoamericana 44: 60-65.

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Publication date: December 20, 2019.

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