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The Construction of the Great Platform of Tzintzuntzan, Mexico: First Dates and a Proposed Construction Sequence

José Luis Punzo Díaz

Arqueol. Iberoam.

The Great Platform of Tzintzuntzan, with the five ‘yacatas’ built on top, has become the most important archaeological representation of the Tarascan chiefdom. In this paper, the results of recent research at the buildings of the Great Platform are presented. Relying on various technologies and new radiocarbon dates, this paper proposes how and when the construction of this important group of buildings in the ancient city of Tzintzuntzan (Michoacan, Mexico) was carried out.

Tarascan archaeology; Tzintzuntzan; pre-Hispanic architecture; chronology.

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Punzo Díaz, J. L. 2020.
La construcción de la Gran Plataforma de Tzintzuntzan, México: primeras fechas y una propuesta constructiva. Arqueología Iberoamericana 46: 151-156.

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Publication date: December 24, 2020.

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