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A Virtual Hypothesis for Peñaflor, a Fortified Village of Medieval Repopulation in the Southern Sub-Plateau of the Iberian Peninsula

Juan Torrejón Valdelomar, Pedro R. Moya-Maleno, Marcos Galeano Prados,
Antonio Díaz Serrano, Javier Vallés Iriso, Daniel Hernández Palomino,
Jorge Félix Matesanz Vicente, Carlos Pérez López

Arqueol. Iberoam.

This paper presents both workflow and results of the first virtual hypothesis for the Medieval settlement of Peñaflor. The resulted visualisations are derived from the analysis and integrated interpretation of written, archaeological and ethnographic sources, together with geophysical prospection and photogrammetry techniques. From the one side, the aim is to help understanding and disseminating the knowledge about the only fortified medieval repoblación hilltop settlement in the southern Meseta of the Iberian Peninsula which is formally under research. On the other, to bring the importance and archaeological variability of the repopulation pattern apart from great castles.

Repopulation; Castillón-Peñaflor; Virtual Archaeology; Geophysics; Photogrammetry.

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Torrejón Valdelomar, J., P. R. Moya-Maleno, M. Galeano Prados, A. Díaz Serrano, J. Vallés Iriso, D. Hernández Palomino, J. F. Matesanz Vicente, C. Pérez López. 2019. Una hipótesis virtual para Peñaflor, aldea fortificada de repoblación medieval en la Submeseta Sur de la península ibérica.
Arqueología Iberoamericana 42: 9-13.

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Publication date: April 18, 2019.

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