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Iván Briz Godino, Jordi Estévez Escalera & Assumpció Vila Mitjàespañol
Title: Analyzing Archaeological Record Variability in Hunter-Gatherers Societies from Ethnoarchaeology.
Abstract. From 1986, our research projects in Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego, in collaboration with other Argentinian team, have emphasized the goal of developing a methodology for a proper archaeological recognition of the social organization from archaeological evidence. The work presented here focuses on one of the settlements excavated during these projects, VII Tunnel, located on the Argentine side of the Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego. The site is highly representative of the canoe societies of the fueguian channels, at least in its final phase. The excavation method allow us to recognize the detailed sequence of a series of at least ten discrete episodes of occupation, over a century, which took place in almost all the seasons. The Tunnel VII moments of occupation do not carry specific seasonal patterns linked. Livelihood strategies are highly specialized but "flexible" that are not represented in the conceptual dual "collector" or "forager", ie "specialization in non-specialization". The same evidence has served to set clear and defining general behavior regarding the use of space.
Keywords: hunter-gatherers, ethnoarchaeology, Tierra del Fuego.
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Briz, I., J. Estévez & A. Vila. 2009. Analizando la variabilidad del registro arqueológico en sociedades cazadoras-recolectoras desde la etnoarqueología. Arqueología Iberoamericana 1: 5-16.
Publication date: 14-03-2009.
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