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Andrew K. Balkansky, Felipe de Jesús Nava Rivera & M.ª Teresa Palomares Rodríguezespañol
Title: The Origins of the Mixtec Civilization.
Abstract. The Prehispanic culture of the Mixteca Alta, in the current state of Oaxaca, Mexico, is known for its development during the Postclassic, but recent archaeological research is providing new insights into the origins of the Mixtec civilization thousands of years prior to Spanish contact. The first Mixtecos had unique cultural characteristics, but also had features similar to other early Mesoamerican societies, linking them to a wider set of contacts and cultural dynamics. The transition from village-based societies to urban states in the Mixteca Alta is apparent from a comparison of Tayata to its successor site of Huamelulpan. These events occurred in parallel with the emergence of complex societies in the Valley of Oaxaca. These parallels suggest that in addition to understanding the early history of the Mixtec, our studies are revealing general processes of social evolution.
Keywords: Mixtec, civilization, origins, Mesoamerica.
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Balkansky, A. K., F. J. Nava Rivera & M. T. Palomares. 2009. Los orígenes de la civilización mixteca. Arqueología Iberoamericana 2: 25-33.
Publication date: 19-06-2009.
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