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Marcelo Fagundesportuguês
Title: Understanding cultural dynamics in Xingó from an intersite perspective: lithic industries and persistent places in the São Francisco river low valley, Northeastern Brazil.
Abstract. This paper presents part of the results of my doctoral thesis on the cultural dynamics of sixteen archaeological sites situated in Area 03 in Xingó, São Francisco river valley, Brazil. Empirical data are presented that demonstrate the technological organization of the lithic industries at the sites. Then, through these data, it is shown what we can infer about the archaeological sites’ spatial distribution and interrelationship. These inferences are used to indicate a model of landscape use that can be used to understand the regional system of distribution and placement of archaeological sites.
Keywords: cultural dynamics, lithic artifacts, intersite analysis.
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Fagundes, M. 2010. Entendendo a dinâmica cultural em Xingó na perspectiva inter sítios: indústrias líticas e os lugares persistentes no baixo vale do rio São Francisco, Nordeste do Brasil. Arqueología Iberoamericana 6: 3-23.
Publication date: 30-6-2010.
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