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José Iriarte, Óscar Marozzi & Christopher Gillamespañol
Title: Funerary monuments and celebration rituals: Taquara/Itararé enclosure and mound complexes in Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina.
Abstract. Starting around AD 1000, during a period of major environmental changes, a monumental tradition emerged in the southern Brazilian highlands, which was characterized by geometric enclosures and burial mounds associated to the practice of funerary and post-funerary ritual feasting where possibly meat delicacies where cooked in earth ovens and maize-based beverages were drank. Using ethnohistoric information of southern Jê groups’ burial practices as a point of departure this article focuses on the interpretation of the new excavations carried out in site PM01, ElDorado, Misiones, Argentina.
Keywords: Argentina, Brazil, Taquara/Itararé, southern Jê, Kaingang, emergent complexity, public architecture, burial mounds, ceremonial enclosures, feasting.
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Iriarte, J., O. Marozzi & C. Gillam. 2010. Monumentos funerarios y festejos rituales: complejos de recintos y túmulos Taquara/Itararé en Eldorado, Misiones (Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 6: 25-38.
Publication date: 30-6-2010.
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