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María Teresa Cabrero G.español
Title: Textiles recovered from the Bolaños culture, Jalisco.
Abstract. It is very uncommon to find textile remains dated before the Spanish conquerors arrived in Mexico because numerous taphonomic factors, especially those pertaining to local climatic and soil chemistry conditions, must coincide to in order to preserve textiles. We found a series of cotton cloth fragments dated about 1500 years old during the archaeological recovery at the site of El Piñon, which is part of the Bolaños culture located in the North of Jalisco, Mexico. Publishing these data is very important due to the inhospitable geography and climate of the region, the fact that the site is not well known and is at a substantial distance from the closest Mexican urban centers.
Keywords: textiles, weaving, Bolaños culture, Mexico, Mesoamerica.
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Cabrero G., M. T. 2010. Los textiles recuperados en la cultura Bolaños, Jalisco. Arqueología Iberoamericana 7: 39-51.
Publication date: 30-9-2010.
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