Economic fluctuations in Ampurias during the fifth century BC
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Pascual Izquierdo-Egeaespañol
Abstract. Fluctuations evidenced by the mortuary record of Greek Ampurias or Emporion (Gerona, Spain) show a complete economic connection with the archaic Iberian civilization throughout the fifth century BC. This is manifested by the successive expansion and retraction stages corresponding to the first and the second half (Iberian crisis) of this century. Both constitute the economic cycle of the archaic Iberian civilization (c. 500-400). Additionally, in the Ampurias of the second half of the fifth century BC a circumstance occurs similar to those observed at Castulo (Jaén) and Cabezo Lucero (Alicante) during the third quarter of that century. This is a conflict characterized by a higher impoverishment associated with a marked increase in social differentiation.
Keywords: Economic fluctuations, Ampurias, Iberian crisis, fifth century BC.
Izquierdo-Egea, P. 2012. Fluctuaciones económicas en la Ampurias del siglo V antes de nuestra era. Arqueología Iberoamericana 16: 3-10.
Publication date: 31-12-2012.

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