The Discovery of an Elite Cemetery at El Caño: Traces of a Mortuary Pattern in Río Grande Valley, Coclé, Panama
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Julia Mayo & Carlos Mayo • español
Abstract. El Caño, located in the Coclé province, Panama, is known for its unique stone sculptural style and stone structures. Recently four lavish burials have been discovered. Dated between 700 and 1000 AD, they are broadly coeval with similar mortuary features at nearby Sitio Conte, a cemetery which provided the first archaeological evidence for the sumptuous wealth of Panamanian chiefdoms more than eighty years ago. The existence in Sitio Conte and El Caño of similar elements—alignments of basalt columns, causeways and rich tombs—with a similar spatial organization, indicates the possibility of the existence of a mortuary pattern in Río Grande.
Keywords: El Caño, American Archaeology, Chiefdoms, Gran Coclé, Panama.
Mayo, J. & C. Mayo. 2013. El descubrimiento de un cementerio de élite en El Caño: indicios de un patrón funerario en el valle de Río Grande, Coclé, Panamá. Arqueología Iberoamericana 20: 3-27.
Publication date: 18 November 2013.

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