Vaugrignon and the Economic Fluctuations of the Gauls during the Second and First Centuries BC
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Pascual Izquierdo-Egea • español
Abstract. The Gaul cemetery at Vaugrignon—Esvres-sur-Indre, France—sheds light on the economic fluctuations and social changes in the territory of the Turoni and the rest of Gaul immediately before and after the Roman conquest, between the late second and late first centuries BC. Coins, whose system is perfectly isolable, also show the oscillations of their monetary economy, highlighting devaluations, revaluations or inflationary situations.
Keywords: Vaugrignon, Economic Fluctuations, Turoni, Gauls, Gaul, Second and First Centuries BC.
Izquierdo-Egea, P. 2013. Vaugrignon y las fluctuaciones económicas de los galos durante los siglos II y I a. C. Arqueología Iberoamericana 20: 29-40.
Publication date: 31 December 2013.

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