Petrographic and Thin Section Analysis for the Identification of Raw Lithic Materials in the Northern Area of the Hualfín Valley (Catamarca, Argentina)
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Julieta Lynch, Virginia Lynch, Esteban Villalba • español
Abstract. The main objective of this study is the macroscopic and microscopic petrographic analysis of lithic materials recovered from the sites of Villavil and Villavil 2 (Hualfín, Catamarca, Argentina). The results obtained from this analysis allowed for the identification of the raw materials used in the manufacture of artifacts associated with Regional Developments/Inka Period (ca. 900 to 1400 A.D.) occupations. Based on regional geological information, we are able to posit the source locations of these raw materials. This allows for a discussion of previous hypotheses regarding practices of lithic procurement in the area.
Keywords: Lithic technology, Raw materials, Petrographic analysis, Hualfín Valley.
Lynch, J., V. Lynch, E. Villalba. 2016.
Estudios petrográficos y de cortes delgados para la identificación de materias primas líticas en el sector norte del valle de Hualfín (Catamarca, Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 30: 70-76.
Publication date: 5 June 2016.

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