Archaeological Survey at the Site of Puruha Collay, Riobamba, Ecuador
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Pedro A. Carretero Poblete, William M. Samaniego Erazo • español
Abstract. In 2016, we carried out archaeological surveys on the Collay mountain of Riobamba, Ecuador. Among the recovered material, there is Puruhá, Cañari and Costeño style pottery, all belonging to the end of the Late Formative Period (ca. 800 BC) and the Regional Development Period (ca. 500 AD). The discovery of these ceramic styles suggests the presence of an important Puruhá settlement, very near the Llanura de Tapi, that maintained important connections with the Cañari of Ecuador´s central highland region.
Keywords: Puruhá, Collay, Riobamba, Cañari, Pottery.
Carretero Poblete, P. A., W. M. Samaniego Erazo. 2017.
Prospección arqueológica en el sitio Puruhá de Collay, Riobamba, Ecuador.
Arqueología Iberoamericana 33: 18-26.
Publication date: February 11, 2017.
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