Dialogues between Archaeology and Photographic Essay: A Strategy for the Dissemination of Archaeological Heritage in Cuenca, Ecuador
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Miguel Ángel Novillo Verdugo, Juan Carlos Astudillo Sarmiento • español
Abstract. This article is a research preview of a project of diffusion of archaeological heritage in the city of Cuenca (Ecuador), where currently urban growth and agricultural and construction activities are altering and destroying archaeological areas. Thus, for the diffusion of heritage information, photographic essay is proposed as an alternative medium for the transmission of knowledge, through wich different audiences can be captured. In this respect, the methodology combined technical and artistic aspects for the registration and enhancement of this cultural heritage. In other words, it began with the search and analysis of historical documents that explain a trajectory of occupation of the city and its surrounding areas of at least 3500 years. These elements were registered through systematic research of the cultural areas to finally be “sketched” through photography.
Keywords: Archaeology, Photography, Heritage, Diffusion.
Novillo Verdugo, M. A., J. C. Astudillo Sarmiento. 2017.
Diálogos entre la arqueología y el ensayo fotográfico: una estrategia de difusión del patrimonio arqueológico en Cuenca (Ecuador). Arqueología Iberoamericana 34: 50-55.
Publication date: May 17, 2017.
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