Some Controversies Regarding the Arrival Place of Sebastian Cabot in Itati, Corrientes (Argentina): A Historical Archaeological Approach
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Fabián Bognanni
Abstract. After giving up on his original destination, Sebastian Cabot headed towards the Parana River seeking the mythical Sierra de la Plata. After founding the Sancti Spiritus fort in 1528, he sailed the Parana River and stopped in north of Corrientes, Argentina. It was here that Cabot remained for a month living with cacique Yaguaron and his people. This work explores the possibility that this event occurred at the township of Itati. This work is a critical analysis of primary sources (including Sebastian Cabot and Luis Ramirez) as well as secondary sources. Historical information is contextualized with material evidence obtained from the archaeological research. In particular, the discovery of ceramics which contain decorative styles associated with the historical Guarani people is presented.
Keywords: Sebastian Cabot, Itati, Parana River, Guarani, Historical Archaeology.
Bognanni, F. 2017.
Algunas controversias acerca del lugar de arribo de Sebastián Caboto en Itatí, Corrientes (Argentina). Una aproximación desde la arqueología histórica. Arqueología Iberoamericana 36: 23-28.
Publication date: November 2, 2017.
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