ISSN 2254-187X
by Pascual Izquierdo-Egea
Graus, 2012, 156 pages, 21 figures, 7 tables, PDF format, 2.17 Mb, Advances in Archaeology 1, ISBN 978-84-939589-1-6. Kindle edition, 2014.
Deciphering economic fluctuations and social changes from the mortuary record.
Keywords: economic archaeology, grave goods, economic fluctuations, social changes, antiquity.
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Pascual Izquierdo-Egea, born in the last days of 1959, has a doctorate in Philosophy and Letters (1993). He is an archaeologist and historian and has researched the economic fluctuations and social changes in antiquity making great discoveries. He has edited several international journals such as Arqueología Iberoamericana.
Izquierdo-Egea, P. 2012. Economic Archaeology of Grave Goods. Advances in Archaeology 1. Graus.
ISSN 2254-187X. ISBN 978-84-939589-1-6.

“A fine book” (Joyce Marcus, 2-3-12)
“It was a pleasure to read, and was incredibly informative. The graphics and maps are phenomenal and are complemented!” (Shannon Freire, 30-3-12)
“Your work is very enthusiastic, offers a problem with your solution...” (Anabel Ford, 17-4-12)
“You are really inferring economic processes from the archaeological record” (Joyce Marcus, 18-4-12)


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Published in Graus, Spain, 21-4-2012.

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