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Horacio Chiavazzaespañol
Title: Dry throat and sand in the boots: Prospecting archaeological backgrounds of the Mendoza Northeastern drylands, Argentinian Center South.
Abstract. Here is a detailed state of archaeological research developed in the northeastern Argentine province of Mendoza. This area is the subject of studies since the early twentieth century. However, the pulses of the investigation have been stages of total abandonment and selective interventions. This ended up creating an unbalanced picture of history and superficial knowledge of that area, with implications for the general picture of prehistory interpreted locally. In this case, we investigate the possible causes leading to this process, their ties with the dominant theoretical approaches and methodologies throughout the twentieth century and their relationship with the selection of areas to conduct field studies in northern province. We reflect critically on the scope, limits and possibilities of the region for further archaeological analysis of prehistoric settlement to discuss approaches that base their explanations on facts taken for granted and which deserve before a discussion based on the evidence available.
Keywords: Mendoza northeastern, archaeology.
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Chiavazza, H. 2009. Garganta seca y arena en las botas: prospectando antecedentes arqueológicos en las tierras áridas del noreste mendocino (Centro Oeste Argentino). Arqueología Iberoamericana 1: 41-77.
Publication date: 14-03-2009.
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