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M.ª Teresa Cabrero G. & Carlos López C.español
Title: La Florida: A control center in the region of Bolaños, Zacatecas and Jalisco.
Abstract. The objective of the archaeological diggings conducted in La Florida, Zacatecas, Mexico site, was to confirm that the hypothesis suggested originally was correct. It was that a group of people from the State of Jalisco relocated and settled in the Bolanios Canyon to establish a commercial route between the center of the State and the North of Mexico. This hypothesis is based on the circular architectonic pattern and the shaft tombs which are representative of the Bolanios Canyon and the center of the State of Jalisco. Because of generalized pathology of skulls (thickening of the frontal bone) conducted by other research projects along the Bolaños Canyon, we know now that these people originated from the same ethnic group.
Keywords: La Florida, Bolaños Culture, Mesoamerica.
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Cabrero G., M. T. & C. López C. 2009. La Florida: un centro de control en la región de Bolaños, Zacatecas y Jalisco. Arqueología Iberoamericana 3: 5-19.
Publication date: 30-09-2009.
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