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Mónica Carminati & Daniel Schávelzonespañol
Title: Archaeology in a metropolitan place: Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
Abstract. We dug one of the most fancy parks of Buenos Aires, in the middle of the most healthy area of the city. The opportunity came when the inner wall of a pit covered by asphalt was demolished by an old tree. And the kind of history we found was of poverty, rural population and settlement of marginalized people. The review of its history and material culture opened our minds to a completely different kind of neighborhood that what it is now.
Keywords: Urban archaeology, Buenos Aires, sanitary pits, material culture.
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Carminati, M. & D. Schávelzon. 2009. Arqueología en una plaza metropolitana: Recoleta, Buenos Aires. Arqueología Iberoamericana 3: 37-47.
Publication date: 30-09-2009.
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