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Natacha Bucespañol
Title: New contributions to our understanding of the bone technology of the lower basin Parana River (southern Coastal Shallows, Argentina).
Abstract. This paper deals with bone technology in a sector of the lower Paraná wetland: the northern floodplain. The general aim is to assess the variability demonstrated in bone reduction strategies in six hunter-gatherer sites dated to the Late Holocene (~ 1100-700 years 14C BP). For that purpose I employ morpho-functional groups as the analytic unit, evaluating, in each case, distributional aspects and morphological, physical, metric and microscopic variation. As a result I note, on the one hand, little variability, and that which is present is concentrated at the latest site, indicating that this variation may represent a response to a specific hunter-gatherer situation. But, for the most part, the societies studied shared general knowledge about osseous raw materials that led to the development of relatively standardized morpho-functional groups at the inter-site level.
Keywords: Lower Paraná, bone technology, functional analysis, bone raw material.
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Buc, N. 2010. Nuevos aportes a la tecnología ósea de la cuenca inferior del río Paraná (Bajíos Ribereños meridionales, Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 8: 21-51.
Publication date: 12-1-2011.
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