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Javier Fonseca Santa Cruzespañol
Abstract. Recent archaeological studies carried out in the Vilcabamba region, northwest of Cusco, resulted in the unprecedented discovery of an elite Wari burial at the site of Espíritu Pampa. This finding is unique in many respects: first, rich burials belonging to the Wari State have not been excavated scientifically; second, this is the first tangible evidence for the existence of high rank individuals within the Wari State; and third, this finding is the first of its kind coming from the tropical rain forest region. In this report, I describe the main finding coming from Espíritu Pampa, thus making available the new data to the scientific community.
Keywords: Espíritu Pampa, Vilcabamba, Cusco.
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Fonseca Santa Cruz, J. 2011. El rostro oculto de Espíritu Pampa, Vilcabamba, Cusco. Arqueología Iberoamericana 10: 5-7.
Publication date: 30-6-2011.
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