Urban Archaeology and Imaginary: the Colonial Powder Keg in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden
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Daniel Schávelzonespañol
Abstract. During the months of August to November of 2005, excavations were made at the site of Cueli, an old powder keg. This site, now located on the grounds of the Botanical Garden, includes gun and powder reserves from the last years of colonial rule. This report is contrasted with the results of a small excavation made in 1986, as it contradicts the assumptions made at that time.
Keywords: urban archaeology, powder keg, colonial rule, botanical garden, Buenos Aires.
Schávelzon, D.. 2012. Arqueología urbana e imaginario: el supuesto polvorín colonial en el Jardín Botánico de Buenos Aires. Arqueología Iberoamericana 15: 13-26.
Publication date: 31-10-2012.
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