On the Use of Unmodified Lithic Polishers in the Ceramic Production of the Villavil Site (Province of Catamarca, Argentina)
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Julieta Lynch, Virginia Lynch & Milagros Ríos Malán • español
Abstract. The main objective of this paper is to improve the knowledge of the ancient activities in the site of Villavil, located in the northern Hualfin Valley, Catamarca, Argentina. The techno-morphology, functional ceramic characteristics, and lithic material associated to ceramic production from one structure forming the archaeological site (Rectangular Structure 1) has been analyzed. These results have helped to better understand the different stages of ceramic production and the lithic elements that would have been part of the manufacturing process.
Keywords: Ceramic material, Lithic polishers, Villavil, Catamarca.
Lynch, J., V. Lynch & M. Ríos Malán. 2015. Acerca del uso de pulidores o litos no modificados en la producción cerámica del sitio Villavil (Provincia de Catamarca, Argentina). Arqueología Iberoamericana 27: 33-39.
Publication date: 24 July 2015.
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