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VOLUME 28 • DECEMBER 2015 Archived & preserved by the Internet Archive.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA A use-wear analysis of the knapped lithic grave goods from Gruta do Morgado Superior (Tomar, Portugal)
by Ana Cruz & Gabriele Luigi Francesco Berruti
Publication date: 31 December 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Advances in the Bioarchaeology of Northern Chaco
by Guillermo N. Lamenza & Marcos Plischuk
Publication date: 8 December 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Diet and Markers of Ethnicity in the Historical Zooarchaeology of Rosario, Argentina: A Preliminary Assessment
by María Belén Colasurdo
Publication date: 2 December 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA The First Spanish Port on the Mainland? Archaeology in Bahía La Gloria, Colombia
by Juan Guillermo Martín, José Manuel Espinosa & Alberto Sarcina
Publication date: 20 November 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Using Multivariate Analysis to Systematize the Ceramic Assemblage from Prehispanic Chaco
by Guillermo N. Lamenza
Publication date: 4 November 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Evidence of Prehispanic Copper Slags from the Santa Clara del Cobre Area, Michoacan, Western Mexico
by José Luis Punzo Díaz, Juan Morales & Avto Goguitchaichvili
Publication date: 27 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA New Evidence of the Date of Abandonment of the Plazuelas Archaeological Site in Guanajuato, Mexico through Archaeomagnetic Dating of a Burned Floor
by Juan Morales, Carlos Castañeda, Efraín Cárdenas & Avto Goguitchaichvili
Publication date: 22 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Ethnographic Perspectives on the Aquatic Lifeway in Michoacan, Western Mexico
by Eduardo Williams
Publication date: 20 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Photogrammetric Mapping in Archaeology: Experiences from the Ramis Project, Northern Titicaca Basin, Peru
by Luis A. Flores
Publication date: 17 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Evidence of Early Rock Art on the Coast
of the Atacama Desert (25° S)

by José Castelleti, Avto Goguitchaichvili, Corina Solís,
María Rodríguez Ceja & Juan Morales

Publication date: 12 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA About the age of the lime kilns in the Maya area
by Soledad Ortiz Ruiz, Avto Goguitchaichvili & Juan Morales
Publication date: 2 October 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Rock Paintings from the Tamboril Site, Barras, Piauí, Brazil
by Sônia Maria Campelo Magalhães, Ennyo Lurrik Sousa da Silva
& Luis Carlos Duarte Cavalcante

Publication date: 1 October 2015.


ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA GIS and Remote Sensing in the Archaeological Research of the Argentine Chaco
by Guillermo N. Lamenza
Publication date: 31 July 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA On the Use of Unmodified Lithic Polishers in the Ceramic Production of the Villavil Site (Province of Catamarca, Argentina)
by Julieta Lynch, Virginia Lynch & Milagros Ríos Malán
Publication date: 24 July 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA The Late Classic Collapse among the Maya of Uaxactun, Guatemala and Barton Ramie, Belize according to the Mortuary Record
by Pascual Izquierdo-Egea
Publication date: 22 July 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Teotihuacan Presence in the Bolaños Culture
by María Teresa Cabrero G.
Publication date: 1 July 2015.

VOLUME 26 • JUNE 2015

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Intentional Dog Burials in the Bolaños Culture, Jalisco
by María Teresa Cabrero G. & Juan Carlos García Jiménez
Publication date: 5 June 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Rock Paintings from the Archaeological Area of Piripiri, Piauí, Brazil
by Luis Carlos Duarte Cavalcante
Publication date: 18 May 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA News: El descubrimiento de las fluctuaciones económicas cíclicas de la civilización ibérica 41 KB
Publication date: 18 May 2015.

VOLUME 25 • MARCH 2015

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA A Statistical Technique to Measure Social Conflict through the Archaeological Record
by Pascual Izquierdo-Egea
Publication date: 14 January 2015.

ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Editorials: Arqueologia, arqueografia, arqueonomia; Notas sobre la decadente ciencia oficial española
32.9 KB
Publication date: 14 January 2015.


ARQUEOLOGIA IBEROAMERICANA Food Production and Social Differentiation in the Ambato Valley, Catamarca, Argentina (6th-11th centuries AD): A Contribution to the Problem through the Study of Silicophytoliths
by Germán G. Figueroa, Mariana Dantas & Andrés Laguens
Publication date: 19 January 2015.

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