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Juan A. Barceló, M.ª Florencia del Castillo, Laura Mameli, Eduardo Moreno & Arturo Sáezespañol
Title: Patagonia: from the ethnographic present to the archaeological past.
Abstract. This paper analyzes some of the main arguments from paleobiology, paleolinguistics, archaeology and anthropology to explain diversity and ethnic organization in the indigenous communities of Patagonia, both in the present and past. We believe that a critical review of the main assumptions from all these disciplines will allow us to observe and identify patterns emerging from the historical record of the expression of Patagonian social variability. Likewise, we suggest a new way of exploring the archaeological record rooted in critical theory.
Keywords: Ethnicity, Patagonia, hunter-gatherers, computer simulation, archaeology of language.
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Barceló, J. A., M. F. del Castillo, L. Mameli, E. Moreno y A. Sáez. 2011. Patagonia: del presente etnográfico al pasado arqueológico. Arqueología Iberoamericana 9: 5-39.
Publication date: 31-3-2011.
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